Meaningful public and stakeholder consultation are important in shaping the outcome of this study. The Project Team has developed a comprehensive consultation program that will:

  • Provide stakeholders with access to study information in a timely manner that enables them to provide input and participate in a meaningful way.

  • Engage the broader community, and give consideration to all input and differing points of view.

  • Promote a cooperative and productive consultation environment that recognizes the value of dialogue and that everyone may not agree with every decision.

The consultation program will utilize innovative strategies and methods to maximize the outreach and engagement of study stakeholders. It will include Public Information Centres (PICs), community workshops, as well as meetings with municipal and agency staff, members of the public, First Nations and Métis communities. Information on these events will be posted on this website to inform stakeholders as to when and where these events will take place. Display materials used at these events will also be made available through the website. Refer to the Public Information Centres and Community Workshops page for more details.

A key element of the consultation program will involve the development of Community Value Plans (CVPs) in consultation with members of the local communities. The CVPs will be developed during the preliminary design phase once the preferred route for the new corridor has been identified. They will feature context sensitive design that will transform community goals and expectations into concrete design proposals.



Public Information Centres and Community Workshops

Stakeholder Consultation and Advisory Groups

Interactive Consultation